Advanced Macroeconomics I (MSc/MA)
Course Outlline
Lecture 1 Historical Execursion in Macroeocnomicsl
Lecture 2 Dynamics of the IS-LM Modle
Lecture 3 Rational Expectiona and Macroeconomics
Lecture 4 Open Economy Macroeconomics [Download LectureSlide]
Lecture 5 Sectoral Fucntions: Consumption [Download LectureSlide]
Lecture 6 Sector Function: Investment [Download LectureSlide]
Lecture 7 Sector Function: The Labour Market
Advanced Macroeconomic Policy (MSc/MA)
Course Outline
Lecture 1 Fundamental of Macro Policy Making in Developing Countreis
Lecture 2 Government Budget Deficist and Fiscal Policy
Lecture 3 Debt, Poverty and Macro Poliyc
Lecture 4 Money, the Financial Sector, Inflaiton and Monetary Policy
Lecture 5 The External Sector, Exchange Rate and Macro Policy
Lecture 6 Trade, Industrialization and the Lesson from from Asian Growth
Lecture 7 Hetrodox Macroeconomics and Applied African Macro Models
Internaitona Trade and African Economies [PhD/MSc]
Course Outline