Advanced and Contemporary Topics in Macroeconomics I (PhD I)
Course Outline/Course booklet
Lecture 1 The Neoclassical Growth Model/The Solow Swan Model
Lecture 2 The Ramsey-Kass-Koopman & OLG Modles
Lecture 3 The Endogenous [New] Grwoth Models . . .The Lucas Models
Lecture 4 The Real Business Cycle (RBC) Models
Lecture 5 The Political Economy of Growth in Africa/Ethiopia
Lecture 6 Theories of Consumption
Lecture 7 Theoreis of Investment
Lecture 8 The Laobour Market
Lecture 9 Hetrodox Growth Models
Assignments AS_1 AS_2 AS_3 AS_4 AS_5
Advanced and Contemporary Topics in Macroeconomics II (PhD II)
Lecture 1 The Keynesian Models & Method in Macroeoconomics
Lecture 2 The New Keynesian Macroeconomics: Micor Foundaions. ..& ...DSGE Models
Lecture 3 Open Economy Macroeconomics:
General Theory ...&... Exchanger Rate Economics
Lecture 4 African Open Economy Macroeconomics
Lecture 5 Monetary Policy: Money, Inflaiton & Asset Price Models
Lecture 6 Fiscal Policy: Budget Defict & Fiscal Issues
Lecture 7 Structuralist [& Post Keynesian] Macroeconomics: An Overview
Lecture 8 Applied African Macroeconometric Models: Construciton & Use
Assignments: AS_1 AS_2 AS_3 AS_4 AS_5