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Alemayehu Geda (2011-) Three Books:

  • Readings on Ethiopian Economy, Addis Ababa University Press 2011
  • Applied Time Series Econometrics, University of Nairob Press 2012 (
  • Fundamentals of International Economics for Africa, Forthcoming

Alemayehu Geda & Addis Yimer (2014) "The Political Economy of Grwoth, Poverty and Inequality in Ethiopia 2000-2014: An update" Download PDF (Chapter in a Book by FSS/Desalegn Rahemato)

Alemayehu Geda, Solomon Mosisa & Matias Assefa (2013) 'To be or not to be Dilema of Africa's Engagment with China and Other Emerging Economies, Journal of African Reveiw 2013 Africa' (

Alemayehu Geda and Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa (2013)"Sudand and South Sunda:Ensuring Mutual Viability through Mutual Macroeconomic Cooperation", Zambia Journal of Social Science, vol 3, No 1

Alemayehu Geda (2011) 'Capacity Building in Conflict and Post-Conflict Afria (Journal of Enterprenership, Mgt & Sust Devt) PDF

Alemayehu Geda (2007/8) "Regional Integration in Africa .... Journal of African Economies). [Download PDF]

Alemayehu Geda and Atenafu G. Meskel (2008) "The Impact of China and India on Africa: The Case of Manufactured Exports" African Development Review, AfDB [Download PDF]

Alemayehu Geda (2007)The Political Economy of Growth in Ethiopia (Cambride African Economic History, CU Press ).[Download PDF]

Alemayehu Geda(2005) ' Export Strategy for Africa: Lesson from Successful Exporters' (Distinguished Lecture offered at Afreximbank Advisory Group & board meeting, Harare) [Download PDF)

My new 2012/13 (forthcoming Textbook on Trade for BA and MSc & 1st year PhD) [Download [1]Cover [2]book ]



Alemayehu Geda, Tony Addison et al (2005) Reconstructing and Reforming the Financial System in Conflict and 'Post-Conflict' Economies, Jouranl of Development Studies.
[Download PDF]

Alemayehu Geda, Abebe Shimeless and John Weeks (2008) "Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Ethiopia: Which way for a Pro-poor Growth", (Journal of Int'l Development). [Download PDF]

Alemayehu Geda(2008) Ethiopian Macroeconomic Modeling in Historical Perspective: Brining Gebre-Hiwot and His Contemporaries to Ethiopian Macroeconomics Realm, Journal of Northeast Africa Studies, 2008 .
[Download PDF]

Alemayehu Geda(2006) 'Opennes, Inequality and Poverty in Africa' in Jomo et al;/also Paper prepared for UN Social Summit, New York at:

Alemayehu Geda, Abebe Shimeles and Daniel Zerfu (2008) 'Finance and Poverty in Ethiopia' (WIDER/Oxford) [Download]

Alemayehu Geda and Abrham Abebe (2009) 'The Dynamics of the Gebre-Hiwot Model: A Mathematical Approcah' [Download]