My Current Research Engagment:

With AERC: On Captial Flight from Afirca (2014.....

With the AERC and Government of Kenya (Treasury): On Capciy building for Policy Analysis at the Government of Kenya (May, 2014 to .....

With Macroeconomic and Fianancial Managment Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa, Harare: On macoreconometric modelling and Financial innovation (2014..

African Export Import Bank (Afrexim Bank) Cairo : On Emerging South & Africa Economic Engagment (Sept 2012 to ....).

With African Capacity Building Foundation, Harare: On the Macroeconomics of Commdodity Trade Boom in Africa (August, 2012 .....)

With Central Bank of Kenya (Support for the Banks Forecasting Macro model)

The New IAES Working Papers

New Institue of African Economic Studies (IAES) Working Paper Series shows also my recent and on going reseach (Down load them here or at

  • (Pdf) The Macroeconomics of Commodity Boom in Africa (Alemayehu & Addis, 2012)
  • (pdf) The Macroeconomic Framework for North-South Sudan Negotiation ( Alemayehu and S. Kayzzi-Mugerwa)
  • (pdf) The Dilema of Africa's Engagment with China and other Emerging Economies (Alemayehu, Matias and Solomon, 2012)
  • (pdf) The Efficeny of Public Sepnding in Agriculture in Ethiopia - the Microeconometric and Macreconometric Evidence (Alemayehu and Dawit, 2011)
  • (pdf) Sepnding without Proper Planning in Ethiopian Agriculture (Alemayehu and Dawit, 2011)
  • (Pdf) Growth Instablity and Development Assitance among African Countreis (Alemayehu and Weeks, 2011)
  • (Pdf) Trade Liberalization, Poverty and Inequality in Ethiopia (Alemayehu and Abebe, 2011)
  • (Pdf) Aid and Its Effectivness in Ethiopia (Alemayehu and Kibrom, 2011)
  • (Pdf) The Potential for Intra-Africa Trade and the Supply and Demand Constraint for its Realization (Alemayehu and Idris, 2011)
  • (Pdf) Economic Ideas of Gebre-Hiwot Baykedagne, in Amharic (Alemayehu, 2011)
  • (Pdf) A Dynamic Modelling of Gebre-Hiwot's Ideas (Alemayehu and Aberham, 2011)
  • (Pdf) Impact of China-Africa Investment Relation (Alemayehu and Atenafu, 2011)
  • (Pdf) Remittance and Remittance Service Providers in Ethiopia (Alemayeu, Kibrom and Melekt)
  • (Pdf) The Galloping Inflaiton in Ethiopia (Alemayehu and Kibrom, 2011)

Selected, unedited, Articles from the Ethiopian Business Review [EBR] Monthely Magazin

On Devaluaiton Policy in Ethiopia [Dowonload PDF]

On Capital in the 21st Century [Download PDF]

On Kenya and Ethiopia Potential Relation [Download PDF]

New MSc/MA Thesis at Dept of Economics, Addis Ababa University (My advisees)

  1. 2009, Aberham Abebe "The Dynamics of Negadras Gebre-Hiwot's Model" [pdf]
  2. 2009, Bisrat Temsgen "Trade Liberalization, Inequality and Poverty: CGE based" [pdf]
  3. 2009, Teressa Belete "Imact of Service Sector Liberalization on Welfare: CGE " [pdf]
  4. 2009, Tigist Assefa "A Comparative Efficency of Ethiopian and Chinese Firms" [pdf]
  5. 2009, Yishak "kkkk" [pdf]
  6. 2008, Kibrom Tafere "Modelling the Current Inflation in Ethipia" [pdf]